Excavation Services in Mills, WY

Excavation Services in Mills, WY

Let us do the dirty work

When you need to move ground for installations, repairs and replacements, Nania Inc. offers a range of excavation services to serve you. Our experienced crew can handle:

  • Septic system installations
  • Water line installations
  • Sewer line installations
  • Pipe repairs and replacements

We have the equipment necessary to do the job right. Contact Nania Inc. today to schedule the excavation services you need in the Mills and Casper, WY area.

We do more than just digging

You might watch us work and think we’re doing little more than moving dirt, but a lot more is involved in excavation. Our experienced crew peforms precise excavation and soil preparation to ready your grounds for the work that needs to be done. When installing a septic tank, we make sure that the soil is compacted. We provide proper backfill around foundations and dig down to pipes without inflicting damage.

Call 307-472-5755 today to get an estimate on reliable excavation services in Mills, Casper, WY and the surrounding areas.